Surrealism in the United States – A Report


Networks, Museums and Collections: Surrealism in the United States

(November 27-29, 2017)

A Conference Report by Alice Ensabella and Anne Foucault

Dr. Alice Ensabella is a current fellow at the Center for Italian Modern Art; Anne Foucault is a PhD candidate in Contemporary Art History, Université de Paris Nanterre, Paris






A Q&A with Sharon Hecker and Marin R. Sullivan

This fall marks the 50th anniversary of Arte Povera, the movement coined by critic and curator Germano Celant — in connection originally with a group show he organized at the Galleria La Bertesca in Genoa in 1967. It came to define a loose group of artists making process-oriented art out of nontraditional materials and mediums…

Meet CIMA’s new fellows!

We are excited to welcome our two new Spring Fellows—Sophia Farmer and Fabio Cafagna—to CIMA, as part of our Giorgio de Chirico and Giulio Paolini season. They join Maria Bremer and Giovanni Casini, who have been here since September.


The Center for Italian Modern Art recently celebrated the second anniversary of its opening to the public, with a special evening featuring a “culinary intervention” by Chef Turi Scalora and an in-depth-look at Giorgio Morandi’s double-sided painting, Cactus and Self-Portrait (1919/1917).