Fabio Cafagna

Spring 2017


Fabio Cafagna is the recipient of the first MiBACT-SNS-CIMA Fellowship, a six-month fellowship for Italian citizens focused on postwar and contemporary Italian art, funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture and organized with the support of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. Fabio completed a Ph.D. in history of art criticism at La Sapienza – University of Rome (2015). His research project entailed the reconstruction of the history of the chair of artistic anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin in the 19th century.

During his time at CIMA, he plans to examine the relationships that the US gallery director John Weber had with the Italian artistic avant-garde. He is focusing in particular on the period between the opening of his New York-based gallery (1971) and the end of the first fruitful decade of activity (1981), when Weber finally moved away from the famous SoHo Art Building, 420 West Broadway. During these years, the Italian presence was far from accidental. In fact, Weber was one of the most important American dealers of Italian art, and the program of exhibitions he held clearly shows his deep knowledge of Italian contemporary aesthetic research. If examined through a solid core of data, John Weber’s activity will reveal the connections between the growing US art market and the constitution of an Italian aesthetic canon.