Francis Picabia Reconsidered at MoMA

The protean nature of Francis Picabia’s art is well explored in MoMA’s impressive survey, which is organized chronologically and includes all the major bodies of work that Picabia produced in his career: Impressionist, Cubist, Dadaist, Surrealist, kitschy Figurative, Abstract. The subtitle of the show, “our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction,” hints at the circularity and the extraordinary creativity of Picabia’s oeuvre.

Alfred Barr and Margaret Scolari Barr Study Day

Thanks to all who came to our April 23 Study Day on Alfred Barr and Margaret Scolari Barr, and the reception afterwards! It was an incredible series of papers and a great discussion with the audience. Stay tuned for the videos of the program.

Reception photos by CIMA volunteer photographer extraordinaire Luisa De Luca.