Members only tour of Giuseppe Penone at Marian Goodman Gallery

Marian Goodman Gallery is currently exhibiting a series of canvases, drawings, and sculptures by Turin-based Giuseppe Penone (born 1947, Garessio, Italy), a prolific multimedia artist with a career spanning over four decades. On the afternoon of April 8th, 2021, CIMA members were given a walking tour of the exhibit by the gallery’s Executive Director Leslie…

Members only tour of Morandi and Albers at David Zwirner

On Friday March 19th, CIMA members were given a walking tour of the David Zwirner Gallery’s current exhibition Albers and Morandi: Never Finished, led by the exhibit curator David Leiber and CIMA Founder and President Laura Mattioli. This exhibit explores the visual resonances and contrasts between two of the twentieth century’s greatest painters, German-born Josef…


How did you first become interested in Art History?

I became interested in art history during my first semester at Columbia University when I enrolled in a ‘Masterpieces of Western Art’ course that surveyed the canon of western art—from the architecture of the Ancient Greek Parthenon to the gestural paintings by Michel Basquiat. I found…

Laura Mattioli and David Leiber walk through ‘Albers and Morandi: Never Finished’

CIMA President and Founder Laura Mattioli walks through the ongoing exhibition Albers and Morandi, Never Finished at David Zwirner in NYC;   Watch the video here:


What made you become interested in Art History?

My interest didn’t come so soon, certainly not as a vocation. After high school, I had the great opportunity to start my Bachelor in Humanities in Venice, and the city was in a sense the one who guided me towards art history, in an immersive and powerful…

Franco Baldasso’s pandemic video reportage

After March 13, 2020, when CIMA was forced to close its doors due to the public health crisis, we called on past fellows to reflect on their experience at CIMA, what they were currently working on, and how they were dealing with the strict lockdown.

Enjoy Franco Baldasso’s testimony in two parts here.