24 October 2018 / 10:30 am - 11:30 am

CIMA Members are invited to join us for a private morning visit of two exhibitions of Italian postwar photography: The New Beginning for Italian Photography: 1945-1965 at Howard Greenberg Gallery and Neorealismo. Nuova Fotografia Italiana at Keith de Lellis. Featuring works by Carlo Bavagnoli, Mario de Biasi, Alfredo Camisa, and a host of others, these group exhibitions pay homage to the important role of the photographic medium for the development of the Neorealist movement.In addition to these shows, other important installations of neorealismo are currently on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at the Grey Art Gallery; mark your calendars now for November 14th, when CIMA will host a members only private tour of the latter!


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Want to learn more about photography in Italy? Check out the talk Lindsay Harris gave at CIMA in 2015 on Medardo Rosso and Photography in Turn-of-the-Century Italy!

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