The Board of Directors shares this farewell from former Executive Director, Emma Lewis

“Dear CIMA community,

“Thank you for a wonderful year! It has been a pleasure to be part of this organization and its unique and beautiful vision.  And it has been a privilege to get to know the extraordinarily interesting, vibrant and engaged people who make up the CIMA public — during tours of the amazing exhibition of Metaphysical Masterpieces, at our lively programs, and at our special members tours of other arts institutions.  It was a treat to engage with our illustrious fellows — Antonio David Fiore, Erica Bernardi, Caterina Caputo, and Carlotta Castellani — and to learn from them as they illuminated the works for a fascinated public.  And it has been an honor and absolute delight to work with such a fabulous team — Chiara Trebaiocchi, CIMA’s Education and Programs Manager; Giulia Nicita, Membership and Communications Manager; and Maïlyse Valentin-Di Gioacchino, Registrar and Exhibitions Manager.  Their generosity and good humor, remarkable competence and easy mastery of their work, and warmth and congenial attitude, were invaluable.

“Thank you to all, and I hope our paths cross again!”


The Board and staff are grateful to Emma for her leadership and contributions to CIMA, and wish her well in her future endeavors. We have retained G. Angela Henry, executive search consultant, to recruit Emma’s successor. Inquiries, nominations, and applications can be made at