24 June 2017 / 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Join us for a free open house on Saturday June 24, the last day of Giorgio de Chirico – Giulio Paolini / Giulio Paolini – Giorgio de Chirico!

Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978) has long been celebrated for the works he created during a brief period in the 1910s—the Metaphysical paintings that proved critically influential to the Surrealists. Yet this narrative of de Chirico as a precursor of Surrealism overlooks or omits the output created in the subsequent five decades of the artist’s career, work that remains difficult to see in the United States. The artist’s exploration of appropriation, irony, and other strategies appealing to a postmodern sensibility has proven highly influential to later artists, even as it remains outside of a traditional narrative of de Chirico’s oeuvre. CIMA’s exhibition pairs works from across de Chirico’s long-ranging career with works by noted conceptual artist Giulio Paolini (b. 1940), who has spent nearly half a century engaging with the works of de Chirico. In so doing, it offers an opportunity to see de Chirico in new light and to consider his impact on the work of conceptual artists in general and Paolini in particular.

Highlights include some of Giorgio de Chirico’s greatest Metaphysical masterpieces, not likely to be seen again in the United States for many years, and a new series of works on paper by Paolini created specifically for the installation at CIMA.

CIMA’s fellows will be on hand for guided visits for those who are interested.

The Open House house will conclude with a light aperitivo reception sponsored by Aperol.

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