Message From The President

Italy is celebrated for its excellence in modern fashion and design, the culinary arts, and for ancient and Renaissance art, but Italian modern and contemporary art has been largely overlooked on the international level. We established the Center for Italian Modern Art to shine a spotlight on Italian masters whose work has been little recognized outside of Italy and to support new scholarship and public dialogue. We see the opening of CIMA as a critical step in overcoming the range of cultural, academic, and political obstacles that have for too long prevented a broader awareness of the significance of twentieth-century Italian art.

As a cultural and scholarly resource, CIMA invites curators, students, and the public alike to experience Italian art in an entirely new context—in an intimate gallery that feels like a home. In Milan in the 1950s and 60s, my father used to open the apartment where his collection was housed for tours on Sundays. In many ways, that experience helped shape the creation of this foundation. CIMA is a place where you can have a very special, direct experience with works of exceptional quality. Our fellowship program is designed to enable scholars to spend extensive time with these works, to study them in all kinds of light and times of day. The more one looks, the more one can learn. We hope you will enjoy the exhibitions and programming we provide to the city of New York and beyond.
We look forward to welcoming you to our center and trust we will see you often!

— Laura Mattioli