Erica Bernardi

Fall 2018

Erica Bernardi received her Ph.D. from the University Ca’ Foscari in Venice. Her research focuses on Franco Russoli, the art historian, museologist and director of the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milano (Per un profilo intellettuale di Franco Russoli 1923-1977), and a book based on it is forthcoming. She is currently the curator of the Franco Russoli archive and collection, as well as collaborating with the Brera on historical research projects, and coordinating a work team regarding contemporary museology for ICOM – Italy.

After a specialization thesis on Gaudenzio Ferrari and the North Italian Renaissance, she ended up studying the criticism of the twentieth century—catalyzed by her work with Russoli’s archive. Her first project was the catalogue of La Raccolta Berenson (1962); during an internship at Villa I Tatti, Harvard University, she developed what became La nascita del Fogg museum nella corrispondenza Forbes-Berenson (1915-1928). She also catalogued and put online historical photographs from Berenson’s family archive.

Erica’s project for the CIMA fellowship investigates the American fortunes of Marino Marini from 1948—when he met the merchant Curt Valentin—to 1954, when one of his sculptures appeared in Billy Wilder’s famous film Sabrina as the background for a scene with Audrey Hepburn, a key indicator of his reception in the US.