Alberto Savinio Study Days


April 28, 2018

Day 1: Friday, April 27 (2pm – 5pm; prosecco aperitivo; keynote talk at 6pm)
Day 2: Saturday, April 28 (10:30am – 6pm)

CIMA hosts the Alberto Savinio Study Days on Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28, 2018. These annual events offer an opportunity for CIMA’s fellows to share their new research alongside other scholars, in the intimate, collaborative environs of the exhibition space—a rare opportunity to discuss the artist’s career while surrounded by numerous examples of his work.

The Alberto Savinio Study Days aim to further investigate the major themes of the exhibition, as well as to offer new insights into the general debate on Savinio’s complex oeuvre, in sessions conceived by the 2017-2018 CIMA Fellows following an open call for papers.


FULL PROGRAM SCHEDULE BELOW.  For abstracts of the papers and bios of their authors, click here.

Friday, April 27

1:30pm  2pm
Viewing of the Alberto Savinio Exhibition and Registration

2pm 5pm
Myths and Doubles in Savinio’s Work

Franco Baldasso
Alberto Savinio and the Myth of Babel: Multiplicity, Genealogies and Translation in Hermaphrodito

Nicole Gercke
Savinio’s Hybrid Bodies, Incorporating Science and Techne

Nicol Mocchi
Savinio and the Enigma of the Double: Sources and Symbols in his Musical, Literary and Pictorial Production

Serena Alessi (CIMA FELLOW)
Mothers, Models and Other Myths in Savinio’s Theater


5pm – 6pm
Prosecco aperitivo reception

6pm  7:30pm
KEYNOTE: Paola Italia
A Creative Power Station: A Journey into Savinio’s Laboratory through Manuscripts, Papers and Drafts


Saturday, April 28

10:30am  11am
Alberto Savinio Exhibition Viewing and Registration

11am – 12:30pm
Savinio the artist and his relationship with the international avant-garde

Alice Ensabella (CIMA Fellow)
Alberto Savinio and French Surrealism

Carlos Segoviano 
Alberto Savinio: A Bridge between Metaphysical Painting and Mexican Modern Art

12:30pm – 2pm

2pm – 3:30pm
Savinio and art criticism and Savinio as critic: Ritorno all’ordine, Romanticism and Fantastic Art

Lucilla Lijoi
Alberto Savinio and the “Years of Consent”: The Experience of “Colonna” (1933-1934)

Martin Weidlich
Drammaticità di Leopardi (1938): A stage on Savinio’s Route to a More “Romantic” Italy

Giulia Tulino (CIMA Fellow)
Alberto Savinio critic and artist: A New Reading of Fantastic Art and Post-Metafisica in relation to Surrealism between Rome and New York, 1943-1946

3:30pm – 4pm
Coffee break

4pm – 6pm
Savinio’s Production and Legacy in the Postwar Years

Chiara Mari 
Alberto Savinio’s Life and Work on Television: Programs by the Italian Public Broadcaster Rai between the late 1970s and early 1980s

Elena Salza (CIMA Fellow)
Alberto Savinio’s Re-appraisal in the 1970s and 1980s

Q&A – Concluding Roundtable with All Speakers