May 18, 2017

Art and Identity: Rethinking the Construction and Reception of Giorgio de Chirico and Giulio Paolini

The Center for Italian Modern Art is pleased to host its Giorgio de Chirico – Giulio Paolini Study Days on May 18 and 19, 2017. Each year CIMA’s exhibition serves as a platform to present state-of-the- field research and new ideas, with special attention to younger scholars. This year, the two-day event, Art and Identity: Rethinking the Construction and Reception of Giorgio de Chirico and Giulio Paolini—which addresses ideas around the construction of artistic identity and the reception of these two artists. Giorgio de Chirico and Giulio Paolini—has been organized by the 2016-17 CIMA fellows: Maria Bremer, Fabio Cafagna, Giovanni Casini, and Sophia Maxine Farmer.

CIMA’s fourth annual exhibition explores the ties between the founder of Metaphysical painting, Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978), and leading conceptual artist Giulio Paolini (b. 1940). It brings to the fore their shared themes and Paolini’s numerous references to de Chirico’s persona and oeuvre. The 40-some paintings, photo canvases, installations, and works on paper on view highlight both the lasting relevance of de Chirico’s multifaceted oeuvre and its meaningful integration into post-war conceptual practices. Beyond the immediate evidence of recurring motifs, a crucial common thread between de Chirico and Paolini lies in both artists’ relentless shaping and reshaping of their identity as artists.

The Study Days will illuminate the intricate relationship between self and work, the classical repertoire that de Chirico and Paolini draw upon, and the medial and material conditions through which they articulate their agenda; it will also explore issues of reception and how artistic identity is negotiated within various art worlds—art criticism, art history and the market alike.

Free, with recommended contribution $15, which includes entry for both days, lunch on Thursday and a reception on Friday. CIMA members free. 

Presented with the support of the Fondazione Giulio e Anna Paolini.


Day ONE: Thursday, May 18 (10am – 6pm)
Day TWO: Friday, May 19 (2pm-6pm, followed by reception)

PROGRAM SCHEDULE (subject to change) 

Day ONE: Thursday, May 18 (10am – 6pm)

10am        Registration; Viewing of Giorgio de Chirico – Giulio Paolini / Giulio Paolini – Giorgio de Chirico

10:30am    Welcome and Introduction

Panel 1: Artistic Identity I: (Non-)Figurative Strategies

Expanding the Artist’s Authority: Giulio Paolini’s Strategies of Reception, Staging and Mediation
Maria Bremer, CIMA 2016-17 Fellow

The Marriage of Philology and Giulio Paolini: Sappho and “… il luogo ad essa dedicato” [the place devoted to it]
Francesco Guzzetti, Postdoctoral Researcher, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa; former CIMA 2014-15 Fellow

Question and Answer

LUNCH & VIEWING OF Giorgio de Chirico – Giulio Paolini / Giulio Paolini – Giorgio de Chirico (12:30pm – 2pm)

Panel 2: Artistic Identity II: Reception and the Art Market

Giorgio de Chirico abroad: Metaphysical or Surrealist?
Nicol Maria Mocchi, Researcher, Archivio dell’Arte Metafisica; Collaborator, Superintendency for Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape, Milan; former CIMA 2015-16 Fellow

Giorgio de Chirico and Léonce Rosenberg: Aspects of the Parisian art market in the second half of the 1920s
Giovanni Casini, CIMA 2016-17 Fellow

Collecting De Chirico: Verifalsi and the American Market
Sophia Maxine Farmer, CIMA 2016-17 Fellow

Question and Answer

BREAK (4pm – 4:30pm)

Proto-Pop de Chirico
Emily Braun, Distinguished Professor of Art History, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

Question and Answer


Day TWO: Friday, May 19 (2pm-6pm, followed by reception)

2pm        Registration and Viewing of Giorgio de Chirico – Giulio Paolini / Giulio Paolini – Giorgio de Chirico

Panel 3: Artistic Identity III: Media, Formats, Materials

Metaphysical Painting Techniques in de Chirico and Carrà: Observations and Scientific Examinations
Gianluca Poldi, Conservation Scientist, Visual Art  Centre, Università di Bergamo

Speculations: The Role of Photography in Giorgio de Chirico’s Neo-Baroque Self-Portraiture
Jennie Hirsh, Director, Critical Studies MA, Maryland Institute College of Art

Giulio Paolini and the Staging of the Self on Paper: Drawing as the Portrait of the (Non) Author
Ilaria Bernardi, Collaborator, Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Turin

Question and Answer

BREAK (4:30pm – 5pm)

A Visit with Giulio Paolini
Barry Schwabsky, art critic, The Nation

Question and Answer

RECEPTION (6pm – 8pm)