Matilde Guidelli-Guidi

Fall 2015

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Matilde is a PhD Candidate in Modern Art History at The Graduate Center, CUNY focusing on twentieth-century European art, media, and architecture, with an emphasis on the return to realism in the interwar years.  Her current research focuses on the built environments and architectural visualizations of the Milanese architectural firm B.B.P.R. (est. 1932).  Previously, between Bologna and Paris she completed her BA and MA in Early Modern Art History. Her thesis investigated testimonies of sculpture conservation in early modern Italy as practical thinking about the historicity of the artwork.  In parallel, she assisted in curating exhibitions and publications at the Musée du Louvre, the International Center of Photography, and the Paula Cooper Gallery, and participated in the 2015 MoMA MRC Workshops, dedicated to the sculptures of Pablo Picasso.

For her CIMA Fellowship, Matilde posits World House Galleries, the New York commercial gallery that gave Giorgio Morandi his first North-American monographic exhibitions (1957, 1960), at the center of an extensive study of the reception of the Bolognese artist in New York’s artistic circles, 1953-1968.