Exploring the Arts in Soho

The Soho Arts Network was born with the mission “to support Soho’s creative history and growing artistic community.” It was initiated by CIMA to combat the misperception that Soho has “lost” its artistic community, by providing a platform for creative collaborations among institutions. Erica Cecilia Blume, CIMA summer intern, took the time to explore some of these spaces.

Celebrating Modernity, dreaming of the Future in Queens: the New York World’s Fairs

New York, a celebrated capital of contemporary culture, also hosted two remarkable World’s Fairs during the 20th century, in 1939-40 and in 1964-65, which especially outside of the United States are not well known yet. In 1939-40, on the eve of World War II, Fascist Italy took part in that event dominated by the celebration of the American Way.