Members Only Tour Of Andy Warhol at the Whitney – Spring 2019

written by 2018-2019 CIMA intern, Jiayi Gu

Undefeated by the bone-chilling morning on March 5th, 2019, CIMA members, fellows and staff gathered at the Whitney Museum of American Art, awaiting an in-depth tour of “Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again” guided by the exhibition’s curator Donna De Salvo (Deputy Director for International Initiatives…

CIMA’s Spring 2019 fellows

After introducing our spring interns, we would like to take a moment for Caterina Caputo, and Carlotta Castellani, our Spring 2019 fellows, to introduce themselves. Also staying with us through May is Erica Bernardi, extending her fellowship from winter 2018 into spring 2019.


– What is your favorite artwork from the Metaphysical Masterpieces show at…

CIMA’s 2019 Spring Interns

Read on to learn about our new interns for the season. Nicole Boyd (Fall-Spring intern) and Jiayi Gu (Fall-Spring intern) will be staying through the end of our exhibition. Meet Scott Fischbein, Elisa Pellegrini, and Marta Rossena .

How did you first become interested in art history?
I’m from NYC and my parents are big art lovers,…

Our Fall 2018 Fellows!

After introducing our 3 fall interns , we wanted to take some time to present to you our brilliant fall fellows: Antonio David Fiore, and Erica Bernardi.

What is your favorite artwork from the Metaphysical Masterpieces show at CIMA and why?

ADF: Mario Sironi’s urban landscape with a dome. I could stare at it for…