Franco Baldasso’s pandemic video reportage

After March 13, 2020, when CIMA was forced to close its doors due to the public health crisis, we called on past fellows to reflect on their experience at CIMA, what they were currently working on, and how they were dealing with the strict lockdown.

Enjoy Franco Baldasso’s testimony in two parts here.

PART 4 of our online tour of Marino Marini: Arcadian Nudes

With our spaces closed, we continue our online tour of the current exhibition, Marino Marini: Arcadian Nudes. 

Pomona, 1941: 

This life-size sculpture constitutes a ‘point of arrival’ for Marini’s research before the fracture in his artistic production, caused by the war experience and his self-exile in Switzerland.  This bronze, once again, has a very belabored surface,…

A message of positivity and gratitude

As you may know, CIMA has been closed since March 13th, 2020 due to the ongoing public health crisis related to COVID-19.

It breaks our heart to interrupt our programs, fellowships, guided tours, and exhibition viewing hours, but the reason for doing this is beyond our– or anyone’s–control.  We must follow official directives, and we…