Nicol Mocchi on Marini’s Susanna

‘Susanna’ (Susanna) is the title of a fascinating sculpture by Marino Marini that is on view here at CIMA as part of the Marino Marini: Arcadian Nudes exhibition [Figure 1].

Cast in bronze after the Second World War, its plaster was conceived in 1943 during Marini’s self-imposed sojourn in the village of Tenero-Locarno, in Switzerland…


– What is your favourite artwork from the Marino Marini show at CIMA and why? One of my favourite artworks from CIMA’s current exhibition is Marino Marini’s Nudo femminile (Female Nude) created in 1932-34, a piece in wood: the naturalism with which the sculptor made the anatomy of the female body distances itself from the…


This season’s interns are ready to introduce themselves to the CIMA community! Meet Aimee Morris,  Carina D’Urso, Claudia Roma, and Matilde Manicardi.

Aimee Morris

How did you first become interested in Art History? When I started at Barnard College, I felt like I had a number of interests but no outlet to combine them. I…

Members-Only tour at the Whitney’s Conservation Studio

Written by CIMA 2019 intern Deborah Bosa

On November 13th 2019 CIMA members had the unique opportunity to visit the Whitney Museum of American Art’s conservation department. Founded in 2001, the Whitney’s conservation department engages in the preservation and long-term care of works of art in the Museum’s collection. Designed with a multi-faceted approach to…

Meet our Fall 2019 Fellows

This year CIMA is thrilled to welcome Claudia Daniotti and Nicol Mocchi.

– What is your favourite artwork from the Marino Marini show at CIMA and why?
: I believe it is the Pomona of 1945: it is such an imposing and fascinating bronze, which resonates very much with my own university background in both art…

Members-Only Tours at Christie’s and Sotheby’s

Written by CIMA interns, Olivia La Manna and Deborah Bosa 

Two of the most famous art auction houses located in Manhattan are Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Christie’s is a British auction house. It was founded in 1766 by James Christie. Its main premises are on King Street, St James’s in London and in the Rockefeller Center in…

Members-Only Tour at Grey Art Gallery

Modernisms: Iranian, Turkish, and Indian Highlights from NYU’s Abby Weed Grey Collection  

Written by CIMA 2019 interns, Olivia La Manna and Deborah Bosa 

On October 23rd, 2019 CIMA members had the opportunity to visit NYU’s Grey Art Gallery for the exhibition Modernisms: Iranian, Turkish, and Indian Highlights from Abby Weed Grey’s private collection. Abby Weed Grey…

Meet our Fall 2019 Interns!

CIMA’s Fall 2019 season is about to kick-off and it’s our pleasure to introduce our seasonal interns, Aria Chaturvedi, Debora Bosa, Ingrid Kuribayashi, Olivia LaManna, and Brigid Kennison. Get to know them by reading the intern-views below!


What’s your favorite museum or gallery exhibit you’ve seen recently? The ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibit is very…