Emanuele Greco

Emanuele Greco, PhD in Art History at the University of Florence, specializes in Italian art and critics of the 20th Century. His PhD thesis, which was awarded with the “Città di Firenze” Research Prize (2018–19), looked at the reconstruction of the cultural context that surrounded the Fiorentina Primaverile, an important exhibition of Italian contemporary art that took place in Florence in 1922 with a significant focus on the participation of the Valori Plastici group. He also studied the exhibition of African sculptures at the Venice Biennale in 1922, as well as artists like Giorgio de Chirico, Edita Broglio, Alberto Viani, Jean Hans Arp, Francesco Somaini. Moreover, he researched Italian art critics such as Roberto Salvini, Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti and Giorgio Castelfranco, curating the re-publishing of Castelfranco’s book La pittura moderna (Florence: Edifir, 2016). He has presented essays in several conferences around European countries and the U.S. He has been post-doctoral fellow on 2019 at the Stiftung Arp in Berlin, where he studied Arp’s reception in Italian artistic and cultural context. At the moment he has been awarded a research fellowship at the University of Florence. Several of his articles have appeared in magazines like “Annali di Critica d’Arte,” “L’Uomo Nero,” “StudiOnLine” and “Artista.”