Italian Modern Art is Having a Moment

Has there ever been so much Italian modern and contemporary art on view in New York City? Last year 2014 brought the Guggenheim’s landmark exhibition on Italian Futurism, the first show in the US to examine the full history of the movement 1909 to 1944, and the opening of CIMA, with our inaugural exhibition on the multi-talented Fortunato Depero, the only Futurist to come live in NYC, and the artist who seemed to be the surprise hit of the Guggenheim’s exhibition.

Already in 2015 we’ve enjoyed exhibitions on Mario Schifano at Luxembourg and Dayan; Enrico Castellani was brought together with Donald Judd and Frank Stella in the beautiful show “Local History,” at Dominique Levy; and just last weekend an impressive overview of the work of designer Gaetano Pesce closed at Allouche Gallery here in Soho.

Luciano Fabro at Marian Goodman
Luciano Fabro, Cristo, Buddha, Zarathustra (Gioielli); (Christ, Buddha, Zarathustra (Jewels)), 1981 Metal, lacquered iron, wood, copper, bronze leafs, aluminium, lead Cristo: 98-7/16 x 84-5/8 x 15-3/4 in. / 250 x 215 x 40 cm, Buddha: 98-7/16 x 84-5/8 in. / 250 x 215 cm, Zarathustra: 39-1/3 x 106-1/3 in. / 100 x 270 cm


Additionally, Marian Goodman Gallery has recently organized a series of exhibitions that explore masters of the Arte Povera movement. In March there was a Giulio Paolini show; just last weekend a Giuseppe Penone show closed; and tomorrow May 1 Luciano Fabro opens, on view until June 13.

We here at CIMA have been especially excited about the Fabio Mauri exhibition “Non ero nuovo/I was not new,” at Hauser & Wirth, which closes this Saturday May 2. Last season CIMA had two works by Mauri on display in dialogue with Fortunato Depero, and we hosted a Study Day on the artist in May 2014, which included the first recreation in the U.S. of one of his performance pieces. Click here to watch more videos.

Also on view right now in New York are shows of works by Alberto Biasi at the De Buck Gallery, closing this Saturday May 2; Paolo Gioli at Microscope Gallery, closing May 18; Afro (Afro Basaldella) at NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, closing May 29; and Carlo Ferraris at Lynch-Tham Gallery, closing June 7.


Installation view of Alberto Biasi at De Buck Gallery

Coming up on May 5th Robilant + Voena is hosting “Italian Neo-Renaissance: Bonalumi Scheggi,” an exhibition of Agostino Bonalumi and Paolo Scheggi at Moretti Fine Arts.

And there’s still more in store: This fall will see the opening of CIMA’s third season, dedicated to Giorgio Morandi. And the Guggenheim will host “Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting,” marking the centennial of the artist’s birth. Have you heard of other modern Italian art shows coming up in NYC? Let us know!