Top CIMA blogposts of 2015

Take a look back at CIMA’s top five blogposts of 2015!

Our number 1 top blogpost of 2015 was also the top blogpost of 2014:

1. Depero and the Metropolis, written by our first-ever intern, Alice Cavallo.

Two other posts from our inaugural season, dedicated to the Italian Futurist Fortunato Depero, also remained favorites in 2015:

2. Nuts and Bolts of a Portable Museum, about Depero’s bolted book, by CIMA 2013-14 Fellow Raffaele Bedarida.

3. From Advertising to Painting, a guest post by conservation scientist Gianluca Poldi about the discoveries that he made while undertaking a technical analysis of Depero’s Motociclista painting.

The final top posts of 2015 both focus on our current Giorgio Morandi exhibition:

4. Not Your Usual Morandi, a post by Ilaria Conti describing what makes the Giorgio Morandi exhibition so exceptional.

5. Morandi’s Objects: Joel Meyerowitz at CIMA, a post by Heather Ewing examining some of the more iconic objects that Morandi painted and how Joel Meyerowitz’s photographs, currently on view at CIMA, enrich our understanding of Morandi’s work.

Since June CIMA has also published a bi-weekly column called Slow Art in La Voce di New York. These articles, published in both English and Italian, are written by CIMA’s staff, fellows, and interns, and look at exhibitions or events around New York City, often connected to the subject of modern Italian art. The most popular column CIMA has contributed to La Voce is by one of our current fellows, Lucia Piccioni, on the Italian Abstraction exhibition now on view at Sperone Westwater Gallery.